//How to add the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension?

There are various advantages of using the Facebook video downloader extension for Chrome. Some of them are listed below.

  • Saves a lot of time every time you need to download a video from Facebook. No more copying and pasting the Video URL. You can happily say goodbye to manual downloading.
  • Users need to install the extension for once and it can be used to download video every time from Facebook and many other websites.
  • Videos can be downloaded based on their size and quality. You can download a standard quality video in no time if you have a fast internet connection.

Setup 1

Visit the page of Facebook video downloader extension and click on the option, “Add to Chrome” which is placed on the top of the page.

Setup 1 Setup 2

Once you click, the extension gets downloaded and thus gets enabled on your Google Chrome browser. You can see the symbol of the same when you open a new page on Chrome.

Setup 2
Setup 3

Choose the definition of the video based on the download size and continue with the download. Once you click the Download button, the video starts to download.

Setup 3

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