How to Download Twitter Videos

If you come across a video or GIF that you want to download from Twitter, you may have a difficult time since there is no option for that. However, there is a pretty handy tool known as Twitter Video This tool will get the video or GIF you want in a few simple steps.

Step 1 : Get the link of the Twitter status

Since the app needs the specific Twitter URL to work, getting the link of the video or GIF you want is the first step.

  • Click on the dropdown arrow found in the top right corner of the tweet.
  • Copy the link by either right clicking on your mouse or typing (Ctrl +C).
  • Be sure to save the link to use later.

Another way to get the status link is to right click on the URL link and copy if from the browser's address bar. Both ways will get you the same result. You can choose which option you’d rather use.

How to Download Twitter Videos

Step 2 : Link input into the form field

Go to this page : Twitter Video Downloader

After the URL link is copied, paste the link into the input box. Then, click the “download” button. You then be directed to the next page.

How to Download Twitter Videos

Step 3 : Choose the download option

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